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MISUMI is a leading manufacturer and distributor of standard components for engineering. We are renowned globally for its high quality, fast delivery, low prices and convenience of easy one-stop shopping.

Steel Shafts/Linear Shafts

Steel shafts/linear shafts are very commonly used machine elements and are the primary component of linear guidance. MISUMI manufactures and supplies more than 550 types of steel shafts/linear shafts with over a billion configuration possibilities for a whole range of industrial applications. When combined with our large range of linear ball bearings you can put together a machine optimally configured for guidance functions of every type.

Steel shafts/linear shafts are available in lengths between 10 and 1,500 millimetres, with a radius of between 3 and 50 millimetres. There are different precision categories – standard and precision, as well as tolerance categories of g6 and h5. They are made from surface-hardened steels: 1.3505/100Cr6 and 1.4125/X105CrMo17. The machine with the tolerance level of f8 is made from 1.1191/C45E and 1.4301/X5CrNi18-10 steel, which is not surface-hardened.

The steel/linear shafts can be optimised according to the intended purpose using surface treatment if there are specific operational requirements. MISUMI offers steel/linear shafts with surfaces treated with hard chrome plating or low temperature black chrome plating (LTBC coating). Depending on the process, users’ products will benefit from improved properties in terms of hardness, wear and corrosion resistance, friction, adhesion, appearance or reflection. The lifespan of LTBC coated components is significantly increased thanks to better corrosion prevention and reduced abrasion.

With multiple options regarding dimensions and shape – even for different ends and a threaded version – you can precisely configure the steel/linear shafts according to the requirement. Using MISUMI is faster and cheaper compared to conventional manufacturing that is in-house or contracted out. The need for component drawings and production planning is eliminated completely. Cost savings of 70 percent and time savings of 68 percent can be achieved by choosing MISUMI over a general manufacturing company or another provider for obtaining a thermally treated, surface-coated and customised steel/linear shaft.

As with all MISUMI products, our steal/linear shafts are manufactured to the highest quality assurance standards. MISUMI processes orders within Germany for as small as 1 product without shipping costs, small quantity surcharge, or a minimum product or order value.


  • Materials: 1.3505; 1.4125; 1.4301
  • Treatment: Induction hardened 58HRC
  • Surface-treatment: Hard chrome plating, LTBC coating
  • Diameter: 3mm to 50mm
  • Length: 10mm to 1500mm